Introduction to CloudAdda

CloudAdda has been Operating and serving its Customers providing them with IT Infrastructure solutions for more than 2 decades Our Service Catalog includes services including and not limited Customized Hardware for workloads demanding specific Outputs for fields ranging from defense projects, to scientific research, manufacturing, Video Editing, Content Creation, CADD etc. Infrastructure Solutions for on demand needs on hire, Custom Application Development, Tally Development.
We are the result of our hard work. Our passion for what we do makes us pioneers in our sector.
The Journey of CloudAdda dates to 2010 which focused primarily on Computer Hardware and IT Infrastructure.

Distinct Business Advantage

Cloud Adda was started with the vision to build the fastest and the most secure cloud infrastructure. We at cloud Adda run the latest generation CPU with high frequency and liquid cool them for higher life, reliability and lower temperature resulting in higher CPU turbo clock speed being achieved. Competition don’t even stand a chance in comparison in terms of compute performance with our GHz Monsters.

Everyone wants the Cloud and that’s the future. Many organizations with Large or talented IT Teams understand this and are moving towards the cloud in a big way. But for many users who do not have an IT Team or do not have the expertise wish to avail the benefits of the cloud but just don’t have the knowledge to move the workload to the cloud.

We understand the requirements of large companies and can fulfill large and complex requirements of the Large organizations as well as understand the requirements of small companies and become their consultant and fill in the gaps present in the present Cloud Hosting space.

The four pillars of CloudAdda

The four pillars which CloudAdda stands on
High Security
With the advent of increase in cybercrime fraud, malware and ransomware are on the rampage and at CloudAdda maximum efforts are made to ensure that we have our infrastructure patched and updated at all times and have IPS, IDS and gateway level antivirus and minimum ports opened to ensure that the attackers have a tough time.
High Availability
High Availability is a key area to the success of CloudAdda, the focus here is on having redundancy at every single level.
Extreme Performance
Extreme Performance is an area we are very passionate about at CloudAdda. We are at a constant endeavour to enhance the performance by trying to squeeze out that extra bit out of what’s available.
Effective Process Management
Effective Process Management is another key pillar of CloudAdda. Any security, high availability and performance measures are all driven by processes that are tested and well documented with the Industry best practices.

Environment of CloudAdda

TIA Compliance

The NxtGen HDDC Datacenter has been built to exceed Tire III Standards as per TIA-942, the design ensures concurrent maintainability of the infrastructure without downtime and expected to deliver a minimum uptime of 99.982% on an annual basis.

Co-Location Services are guaranteed for the availability of 99.982% as per the design and build and CloudAdda accepts the terms proposed for the SLA in the proposal.

Additionally, CloudAdda would be sourcing a Alternate ISP Link who commits to a 99.5% availability on their link.

Network Connectivity

Service providers terminate on dual Meet-Me-Rooms, located on either side of the datacenter, the network cables enter the facility from 2 opposite sides. NxtGen provides option of copper or fiber x-connects to the customer’s racks.

Tata, Airtel, Reliance are available presently. Since our Data center is a carrier neutral facility provision for other network carriers is available in the MMRs or Telco Rooms

We can provide up to 10Gbps connectivity through Informatica’s preferred carrier from the datacenter, the expected latency is 4ms – 7ms, as per commitments made by service providers.

Cooling System Configuration

15% more KW per square meter compared to industry average delivered through Adaptive cooling flow.

Cold Aisle Containment with pressure sensors to ensure ideal operating environment for IT equipment.

750mm Raised floor providing abundant cooling capacity • Efficient dehumidification cycle-through Variable Air Flow.

Evaporator Fan with Backward curve-PVC fans are lighter & more efficient.

Combination of EC Fans & Copeland compressor makes the PAC unit highly efficient.

Pressure sensors at plenum and cold aisle containment

Copper tubes with rifled bore, louvered aluminum fins-V shaped Evaporator coils offering 50% to 60% increase in internal surface area over plain tube.

Electrical Configuration

Utility power is delivered from BESCOM Substation, drawn over 2 cables at 11,000V.

Utility power is backed up by continuous rated Diesel Generator Sets located on site. 5 X 2200 KVA HT DG Sets on N+1 Configuration.

UPS System: 20 X 400 KVA on N+1 redundancy; with 10 Min Battery Back up time on full load.

Floor Plan

The Civil Structure is a G+1 purpose build building with each floor having two server halls. Each Server hall can accommodate 24 racks in a cold aisle containment. In total 264 racks in 11 containments per server hall.

Integrated Building Management

Integrated building management system allows complete facility control and safety tasks in a fast, secure and comfortable manner. Field devices are connected to the Integrator controllers located in the DDC panels, communicating on MODBUS/RTU protocol:

  • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
  • UPS Monitoring
  • PDU (PPC) Monitoring
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Access Control Door Monitoring
  • CRAC Monitoring
  • Electrical Energy Meter Monitoring
  • DG Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm System Interface
  • CCTV camera surveillance system

The IBMS is a flexible, open platform designed for the future and as a standards-based platform works with many communication protocols-OPC, Modbus and BACnet and allows integration with third-party systems

Fire Safety

Fully integrated fire detection, alarm and suppression system, designed and executed by Siemens.

Server halls, Telecommunication Rooms, UPS/Battery Rooms are configured with Automated Fire Suppression System.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) system in conjunction with an independent smoke detection system utilizing optical and ionization detector heads.

Fire Suppression System is activated when Cross Zoning hazard detection is made by Fire Alarm System . Integrated BMS ensures the release of access control doors and deactivation of Air Conditioning System Dampers.

Air Purging system is in place to remove the discharged gas and bring the work area back to normal operations.

Fire Suppression System : FM 200 clean agent gas suppression system including gas storage, piping and pressure relief system.

Certification of CloudAdda

CloudAdda has the Tier III Certified Data-centre Infrastructure at Bangalore to provide services and host the Cloud Infrastructure that’s Fully owned and managed by CloudAdda. The certification and compliance reports are available on request.