The four pillars of CloudAdda

The four pillars which CloudAdda stands on
High Security

With the advent of increase in cybercrime fraud, malware and ransomware are on the rampage and at CloudAdda maximum efforts are made to ensure that we have our infrastructure patched and updated at all times and have IPS, IDS and gateway level antivirus and minimum ports opened to ensure that the attackers have a tough time. High Security to the Data center is Ensured by having 24/7 Monitoring using Surveillance Cameras, Access Control, Break Barriers, Multiple Level Security Checks at every step / entry/exit point before you even enter the Server Room.

The Server Racks again have locks and only authorized personnel having the relevant access have physical access to the servers / storage / switches / routers etc.

High Availability

High Availability is a key area to the success of CloudAdda, the focus here is on having redundancy at every single level.

The Software Managing the Solution Stack is Clustered across multiple VM, The Servers Hosting the Services are Clustered and use ECC RAM, Top of the line Server Motherboards with Remote Management and Dual Redundant Power Supply are used, The Storage is by default Clustered with a replication of 3X unless a customer opts-in for a more cost effective service with lower availability, even our Backup Servers are clustered, our network is very careful designed with Dual redundancy at every level: Dual Redundant WAN Switches, Dual Redundant LAN Switches, Dual Redundant Low Latency 100G Storage Switches, Dual Redundant ISP Lines from 2 different ISP Landing in from 2 Different Meet Me (ISP) Rooms which have all WAN Links terminating in both the Meet me Rooms. Then we have Dual redundant UPS Rooms, Dual Redundant Battery Rooms, Dual Redundant Power (AC/DC Conversion / Transformer Rooms), Dual Redundant Generators with Hot Standby, Dual Redundant Incoming Power lines from the Sub-Station, Solar Power, Dual Redundant Cooling, BMS Monitoring, Fire and Air quality sensors with automatic alerting and power cut-off in the unlikely event of a fire or any leakage of any sort.

Carrier Neutrality is another feature at CloudAdda. We have multiple Links of leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) in ring architecture from multiple POP terminating at both the redundant meet-me (Telecommunications) room of the Datacenter thus ensuring that the customers can opt to have a an redundant connect from the ISP of their Choice in addition to the Internet offering being provided by CloudAdda.

Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance is an area we are very passionate about at CloudAdda. We are at a constant endeavour to enhance the performance by trying to squeeze out that extra bit out of what’s available. We also constantly look at getting the latest and the greatest performing solutions but with Enterprise quality and designs that can run non-stop 24/7. To do this we Liquid Cool our Compute Engines with the best of the custom designed chassis and custom designed liquid cooling loop. We can achieve one of the highest Per Core Performance in the Industry by using higher GHz Processors and Higher Turbo frequencies due to liquid cooling in addition to the cool air provided by the Datacenter AC to the Server Rack. It’s quite likely that we would be the fastest in the industry/world as we are yet to find a provider that’s providing a faster per core performance than us at present. If you find one do let us know, it would certainly challenge our design team and we shall look forward to breaking that milestone as well. In addition to the CPU the next biggest bottleneck in the system is the Storage Cluster Network for which we have a Dual Redundant Multi-Path 100Gbps IB Controllers each with its own dedicated PCI-E 16X Lanes for maximum bandwidth, Disk IO, we use Enterprise NVME SSD in order to achieve a 7X Lower Latency and a 6X Faster IO Performance than Enterprise SATA SSD which in themselves are a order of a magnitude faster (up to 50X for random IO) than the traditional Mechanical HDD. These Monster IOPS Storage Clusters are connected to Dual redundant Switches with 7.2 Tbps of bandwidth each. Even our HDD Storage Clusters are designed with high performance caching engines to bring some in performance benefits to Large pools of Near Line Storage. Added to this we keep the LAN and the WAN Traffic separate again using Redundant switches, this not only ensures greater performance but also helps in security of the overall solution.

Effective Process Management

Effective Process Management is another key pillar of CloudAdda. Any security, high availability and performance measures are all driven by processes that are tested and well documented with the Industry best practices. Every Support ticket is prioritized, and a sincere effort is made to close the same asap within the defined SLA. Every incident is reported and documented and if required an RCA is performed. The findings are added into the knowledgebase to make the support faster in case a similar issue is found again.

CloudAdda has the Tier III Certified Data-centre Infrastructure at Bangalore to provide services and host the Cloud Infrastructure that’s Fully owned and managed by CloudAdda. The certification and compliance reports are available on request.